Small Space Bathroom Remodeling from Start to Finish

Do you have any advice or ideas related to small space bathroom remodeling?

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Your bathroom is too small and yet it's desperately in need of some upgrading. Maybe you need additional storage, perhaps the colors and fixtures are dated or, it's possible that you want to add a full-sized tub or a second sink in order to make the sole bathroom in your home more user-friendly. Regardless of your reasons, you're now faced with a dilemma: How can you make the most of small space bathroom remodeling? Here are some ideas to get you started.

The Big Picture

First off, remember that while the bathroom is likely one of the smallest rooms in your home, a major bathroom remodel is like re-building a small home. You'll likely need several key players, including an architect or designer, a plumber, an electrician, a carpenter, a professional tiler, and maybe even a general contractor to pull it all together. The logistics can be especially complex if you only have one bathroom in your home. And so make sure that you have a back-up plan, or somewhere you can stay, while construction is in progress.

Planning and Design

Throughout the small space bathroom remodeling process, be sure to think of the project from several angles: overall design, functionality, aesthetic appeal, materials, colors ... Remember that bathroom remodeling, especially in apartments, can be fun! And while you may typically shy away from crazy designs in the rest of your home, a small bathroom is the one place that can handle vibrant colors, patterns and fun themes. It can also be a careful representation of the era or ambience of your home. Let your imagination run wild. Just keep in mind that in small spaces, it's best to choose one theme and stick with it. If you're going with tile, choose the same or similar color of tile to repeat throughout.

Another idea to keep in mind when coming up with bathroom remodeling ideas is to consider a liberal use of unframed mirrors, which will keep a sense of visual continuity and will make the room appear larger. Also, if you're in the market for some additional storage space, don't forget that there may be additional attic space above you that may be able to be configured into storage-or, there may be the possibility of adding a skylight, which adds drama, style and the illusion of larger space. You might also want to think of using a pedestal sink, which makes the room look bigger and allows for additional spaces for sliding in freestanding shelving.

The End Result

Once you've taken the time to make sure that the design is in place, the plans are written, permits are drawn and the professionals are hired, it's time to get to work! At this point, if you've hired several contractors, be sure to touch base with each of them daily to make sure that the work is progressing on time and that you're getting exactly what you want. Good communication throughout the construction process is key to a successful project.

As soon as the major work is done, it's up to you to transform your new bathroom shell into a personal sanctuary. Never underestimate the power of upgrading cabinet hardware, towel racks, storage accessories, faucets and shower heads. Luxurious details can make all the difference.

All in all, if you focus on good planning and communication, fine-quality execution will likely follow. Be patient, and you'll see that it's possible to turn even the smallest of bathrooms into an indoor oasis.