Section 8 Housing Cause My House to Lose Value?

Will a Section 8 house next to me cause my house to lose value?

1 Answer

With value of real estate a LOT of things affect value but the fact that it is a Section 8 house does not directly affect value of your home.  Sometimes tenants all get considered as a class of occupant that has negative implications but tenants are like anyone else - they are humans just like you and me. Some are very proud of their home and take care of it even though it belongs to the landlord.  You can have a person living next door that has 5 outside dogs that bark constantly (for example).  Will that affect value - possibly. If your home is on the market and a possible buyer comes by and the dogs are barking loudly and they hear it while in the bedroom of your home they MAY move on to the next house.  This adds time on market to your home which ultimately forces you to reduce your price.  That applies whether it is your mother living next door or a tenant. You just cannot consider them as a class of people. Consider their actions or lack of action but not the class.  If you look at the quality and upkeep of the home next door then YES - if they do not mow the grass, park 10 cars in the yard and road in front, have loud parties, don't keep up the appearance and condition of the home it could affect value but again you cannot assume because it is a section 8 tenant they will do those things.  Owners do those things.  To summarize; it is the overall appearance and upkeep  of the homes in the neighborhood that affects value, not who is living there.  There are uncaring owners as well as tenants.