Refinancing an investment property I am moving back into

I currently rent my previous primary residence, but plan on moving back into it in about four months. Can I refinance now, know that I will be making it my primary residence in the near future or do I have to wait until I actually move back into the home?

1 Answer

Thinking any lender would be less than excited about refinancing a rental property AS A PRIMARY RESIDENCE based on the owner's plan to move back into it. You could certainly refi it now as an investment property, but the terms and costs of that would be dramatically higher than waiting to do the refinance once you've established residency in the home. Residency fraud is among the most prevalent of mortgage frauds, so lenders are very focused on it. You'll want to file a change of address with USPS, have your employer change the address on your paystubs, and have that address listed on your bank statements. Merely saying you're planning to move back into the home does not entitle you to take out a mortgage with it as a primary residence!