Refinance Jumbo Loan in California With High LTV

We owe $830k to WF on our primary residence @ 5.75 in California. Our credit scores are +720 (annual income about $240k) and the value of our home is $950k. First owned by WF (ASC), second by BofA at $180k (about $1 million total owed). BofA is willing to subordinate the refinance but I have been unable to find anyone to do this loan, can you help?

3 Answers

Please send me a message offline as I would need details on the exact property location, investor of the loan which we can look up, etc. or you can contact me through this site as well! Good Luck!

It's highly doubtful any jumbo lender will be able to do your loan due to your cumulative loan to value being over 100%. Most jumbo lenders require a minimum of 10% net equity, regardless of whether the second lienholder will subordinate their interest or not.

Well Jumbo Loans is certainly a good option as already you are having a good credit score and fitting in the criteria of loan. As for getting approval for such type of loan one must have good credit score, good amount of equity on the property, good income for making loan payments and adequate asset to cover disturbance in income. And for more certainty you can acquire quickquid for better progressive results and assistance for refinancing.