Refinance Fees You May Pay

What fees should I not pay for a refi?

1 Answer

This question is a tough one. Not because I am a lender and I want you to pay all my fees, but because fees from one lender to the next will vary quite a bit. Some may be negotiable and some may not. In some cases you will pay no fees, but pay more in rate OR be required to open an account at their bank.

So I feel the best way to answer this question is that you should ask your loan originator what each fee is for. In the past some originators were told to show the customer the least amount of fees that needed to be disclosed up from.

However with the regulations changing we are finally seeing a level playing field wherein if a fee is not disclosed up front it cannot be charged on the Final HUD1 (thats the form that represents the GFE fees etc.) at closing.

The main reason this needs to be regulated is because time after time loan originators were rewarded with business by providing the lowest quote. Rewarded by people in a position to refer them more business. Often the client was too embarrassed at closing to go back and tell that professional they paid more than the estimate...or were told a few days prior to closing and way to late to shop the deal.

So you will likely see higher fees being quoted more consistently accross the board, which is a good thing, because like it or not they almost always need to paid by someone, and guess who it won't be...

I hope that helps!