Reattaching parcels to parent parcel

hi..back in 2005 i split my property from a 10.3 acre property...the parent parcel is 5.3 and the other two are 2 and 3 with the intention of my aunt who had ms to build on one to be close so i could care for her...she has since passed and lands are still vacant and i have no intention of selling them so would like to reattatched to parent parcel...i live in michigan and contacted the register of deeds and just got the somewhat flippant answer they cannot provide legal advice when i asked what is the proceedure for doing and necessary paperwork for reattaching those splits back onto the parent parcel...any help would be appreciated...thanking you in advance ...bon

1 Answer

If you have surveys from the previous split, and there are no liens against the extra parcels, you can probably solve the issue with minimal cost by consulting a local real estate attorney. Shouldn't be too much cost to prepare paperwork, which you'd then get recorded at the county.