Real Estate Broker want to originate mortgages in CA

I hold a CA Real Estate Broker's License and would like to start originating mortgages. I have my NMLS endorsement. I would like to associate with an exsisting firm instead of starting my own mortgage company. I will continue to run my RE Brokerage business so the form of relationship needs to be such that it does not effect my RE Brokerage Business. Can this be done?

1 Answer

You are going to have a problem keeping your exisitng brokerage intac if you want to originate mortgages, especially FHA. HUD has a strcit stance on operating on both sides of the business (mortgage & real estate). You need to decide which side of the business offers you the best opportunity moving forward. Gone are the days of being able to have your hand in two pots. If you are serious about establishing yourself on the mortgage side of the business, give me a call.