Pricing for Home Staging and the Benefits

Home much will it cost to have a professional stage my home?

3 Answers

If you are not getting a free estimate at least then you are not doing it right. Home Stagers should be giving you a free estimate with a list of possible services they can do for you. You can do as much or as little as you desire, but in the end you want to be better than the competition around you! The more you put into it, the more you get out of it!

You can totally re-design a lot of spaces in your home, but if you don't add the finishing touches you are missing out on BIG money when you go to sell your home! Home staging is VERY under-rated. Most people don't have the vision for what houses could be and will turn away from your home without blinking an eye because of a few little issues that don't make it "turn-key".

Not all home stagers give free estimates, and there is a reason for this. Usually because they are either "new" and or "inexperienced". Home stagers can't be expected to drive an hour or two spend another hour or so, and not get anything for there time.

An experienced stager charges for a consultation and tells the homeowner then everything they need to know. Be leary of "the free consultation"! A/C people and plumber don't give free estimates, and if they do, they bill it in there quote to you anyway.
Go with the stager that has the best portfolio, client referrals, website, and marketing savvy!

There are a variety of ways that professional home stagers charge for their services. As far as consultations, you should rightly expect to get what you pay for. Ask up front if they charge for a consultation. Whether they do or not, ask what the consultation consists of, how long it will last, common sense questions.

If a stager does charge for a consultation, you should expect more. Such as a few immediate pointers, helpful handouts, possibly even a staging demonstration in a room of your house.

Even if other professionals offer free consultations(such as A/C contractors, electricians, or plumbers) you would not expect them to provide you with a detailed layout for no charge. Therefore if a stager does not charge for a consultation expect less as far as professional pointers, at least until you commit to a service.