Potential Mortgage scam giving mortgage Jabb's

Does the mortgage company have the right to raise the value of your home when the comps in the surrounding area are much lower. Especially since they purchased the loan from the from the original lender.

2 Answers

Not quite sure what you're referencing here, as lenders don't "raise or lower" values on homes during the lives of loans.....values are determined by the sales prices and appraised values. In most cases, it would be a wonderful thing if lenders DID adjust values upward during the course of loans as it would reduce the need for mortgage insurance, but they don't. If, on the other hand, you are speaking of the county's assessed value (which partially determines your property taxes), it is set by the county assessor, and is an entirely separate and distinctly different process than the "appraised" value. Hope that helps, Ted.

It is possible that the mortgage company is advertising to you to try to get you to refinance. They may have a computer program spitting out "values" as a teaser to entice you to refinance. This is a legal advertising method and is in their best interests - closing costs, higher interest, cash out refinancing to create a higher balance. Just because they state your home is worth X amount of dollars does not mean it is true.