Paid Off Credit Card but it Still Shows Up on My Credit Report

I have recently paid off my credit card debt but it still shows up on my credit report. How long before it is updated?

1 Answer

The timing of when your credit report will be updated is based on two things:

  • When your billing cycle ends.

  • When your creditor / lender reports to the credit bureaus.

Your credit reports are constantly updated - when they receive new information from the source that is submitting the information.

With credit cards, your monthly statement is a reflection of what gets reported on your credit report.  Your monthly statement is generated once your billing cycle has ended.

Once your billing cycle has ended, then your creditor will report the activity to the credit bureaus.  Each company is different in the timing of reporting that information.  It can be the next day, the next week, two weeks later, etc...some creditors will report all their customers activity once per month. 

The best way to tell is to either call your creditor and ask them when they will report your information to the credit reporting agencies or to monitor your credit report with a service that will give you daily updates so that you will know when each creditor updates your account.