my out of state mortgage co did not follow the terms of my mortgage when they bought it

i live in nys and was told to go to the nys banking commission,when they bought my mortgage i was given no notice like i had been when the previous co bought it since then they have increased my payment by close to $400 a mo,since they have bought the mortgage they misled me into agreeing to backend payments by telling me it was a hud assistance loan and never maintained my original insurances now im on the verge of losing my home because when i did go to hud and got an ehlp loan hud didnt tell me i had to recertfy after 11 mos but ehlp continued to take my payments for 7 mos after the first 11 mos and then returned my funds never paid the primary mortgager from dec 2012 now im 15 mos behind and my primary mortgager told me in sept and oct 2013 that they were awaiting funds(they didnt say from whom)and that i was to go back to paying them in jan of 2014. i have no idea what recourse im supposed to take at this point all i know is that since this co took over my mortgage almost 10 yrs ago almost no money has com off my principle balance and i currently owe more than 16000$ more than my principle balance

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