My mortage company started an escrow without my knowledge or consent. Is this legal?

I have had this loan for 19 years and never have had an escrow account until this year. I don't know why they started this escrow account. Thank you

If you've not paid takes or insurance when due, most mortgage loans allow the lender to force place escrows on your account to prevent non-payment in the future. If this isn't the case, contact the servicer to find out what is going on.

- Joseph M. - Aug 16, 2014 at 10:10AM
1 Answer

First thing I'd do is call your loan servicer and ask what their reason and legal grounds for this is. Did you miss a tax payment or have your insurance cancelled due to non payment? That MIGHT be grounds for them to start an escrow account, but outside that, I know of no legal grounds for them to force you to escrow if you currently haven't been.