My ex husband wants to refinance. Can he do this without my signature?

I legally can live in home till 2018 at which time we will sell home. He wants to refinance to make repairs to furnace, decaying wood deck, painting. I am on title to home. I pay mortgage payments thru alimony and said payments stay the same (1600.00) a month. Principle is $250,000.00. What should I look out for and is this a good decision?

If you have repairs that are needed to properly maintain the home, you must take care of them. Otherwise, the lack of maintenance will affect the quality of the home value when you intend to sell in 2018 - which I will add, is quite some time away. Unfortunately, this may mean a refinance where you need to authorize and sign certain documents.

- Barb L. - Feb 20, 2013 at 8:11PM
1 Answer

Well, if you're on title, there's no way he can legally refinance without your written consent at closing. Guess the question to examine would be exactly how much the new loan size will be compared with the existing. Obviously the amount you owe in 2018 will impact your proceeds from the sale of the home, and potentially even the ability to sell it if equity is low. I'd sure want to have my attorney examine all the loan docs PRIOR to closing. That's really the best route to go.....