Mortgage Industry After the Financial Crisis

What will the mortgage industry look like after all this financial fallout has run it's course?

1 Answer

Thank you for presenting this topic, and posing a great question. The mortgage industry as a whole, from MBS (Mortgage Backed Securities) traders to originating Loan Officers, could see a vast shift over the next 1-10 years to the industry as a whole. With due consideration of the current and previous two years climate, one could make a fair statement that the mortgage industry WILL change in one way or another. Coming from a broad spectrum of Real Esate, I attest that it would be unfair to diagnose any specific result for future Mortgage Professionals.

What I can proclaim, is many great things will come from this oblivious position of turmoil. Though many of our Government, Citizen, and Entreprenuerail beings may have been an emphasis on today's economic position, directly or indirectly, in one way or another it has been a lesson learned which will not go untold.

While a percentage of mortgage professionals are licensed by state and federally governed oversight, many will now have to obide by new regulation oversight that they may or may not be able to comply with. Because of this, Mortgage Professionals which may have been present in the previously abundant Real Estate market, will no longer be available.

How does this benefit the Homeowner? It assures that your future eneavors will be aligned with proper education, capability, and certification that your most trusted assets are being handled dilligently. Whether it be more licensing regulation, explicitly conservative lending guidelines, or a smaller pool of professionals to choose from, both Homeowners and Real Estate/Mortgage professionals alike WILL benefit from the course of this current economic climate.