Mortgage Domain Names

I have a good mortgage domain name that I'm looking to sell. How should I go about doing this?

2 Answers

Quality mortgage domain names are names are harder to come by each day. For this reason MND is always interested in hearing from you if you have a domain name for sale.

Not all domain names are created equal though. Characteristics that make a quality domain name include:

  • The name ends with a .com

  • The domain name contains one or two mortgage related keywords (mortgage, loans, lending, lender)

  • The name does not contain hyphens or digits

If you are interested in selling please contact us and tell us the domain or domains that you own. Make sure to include your contact information. If we are interested in your mortgage domain name we may make an offer to purchase your domain name.

If your domain name also has a website, please let us know. We may also want to buy your mortgage website.

Even if we don't have interest in purchasing your domain name, we may list you domain for sale on this page. Simply visit our contact page and request the domain be listed for sale.

To sell a domain name, one should learn to price it. Many sellers fail to sell names in the marketplace, simply because they overprice the domain, and thereby loose the chance to sell it.Before selling any domain I advice you to appraise the domain to collect its market value.It will give you a rough idea about the range of the domain and hence will serve as a guidance in fixing the selling price.You need not spend to appraise your domain.I found a free domain appraisal service from , so fix your price accordingly. Once the price is fixed you can find auction places like eBay, Sedo, etc. Find a legit buyer and sell the domain. All the best for your sale!!!