Mortgage Company Request to Complete a W9 Form

How can I have my mortgage company comply with request to complete a W9 form. I am receiving emergency financial assistance through American Recovery Act and Reinvestment Act funds and Chase since October 16 unable to give me a straight answer. The Federal Assistance I am receiving will be rescinded by 11/9 then I'll lose my house. I litterally and exhausted from hours and hours of phone calls. Please help me.

2 Answers

I am so sorry, that is so frustrating.

Are you in a state that has a Chase branch? If so, I would go there . . . get there when they open and sit there until they help you. It is harder to ignore you in person.

Chase branches are here: If you live in an area that was previously blanketed by WAMU (Washington Mutual originally), you may also be able to go there.

If you have a local NACA branch, they may be able to put you in touch with someone that has the power to sign your documents. Search here: You may also try your local free legal assistance office. Search for legal aid in your area. Sometimes, as sad as it is to say, it takes an attorney to call to get you what you should be able to get on your own. He or she wont do anything differently - but gets to start the conversation with "this is so and so from XYZ law . . .". 

Mortgage companies do very little more than the law requires any more.  They are so overwhelmed by defaults that many can not even respond to the avalance of lawsuits they are facing.  For instance; Bank of America had 2500 people in its mortgage loss mitigation deparment a year ago, and now they have more than 12,000.  [Good for them!] 

One of the few tools you do have is the RESPA law; Real Estate Settlement Proceedures Act. [12 USC 2601 et seq].  Under section 2605(e) you have the right to sumbit a 'Qualified Written Request' if you think there has been a misapplication of funds, or some other servicing issue.  This request must be acknowledged in 20 days and answered in 60 days [busiess days that is].  In this request you can ask any for a number of things.  You should send it certified mail return receipt, but don't use the payment address as that is probably a lock box.  Go to the servicer's website for the address.   Be sure to ask for the name and address of the owner of the loan.  If they fail to give this information to you then you have them where you want them.  There is a brand new [May 20, 2009] law that gives you statutory damages of $4000 for failing to give you this information; 15 USC 1641(a)-(g).