Mortgage Blog To Promote and Market Your Business

How can I use a Mortgage Blog to promote my mortgage website andor business?

3 Answers

Firstly, a mortgage Weblog is a Website created by a real estate professional or blogger to provide subjective, personal commentary to professionals and consumers on real estate subjects related to mortgages. Either the realtor can create the Website or a third-party Website designer/developer can create and host the mortgage blog. The realtor can promote his real estate marketing and mortgage services on his Website through the Weblog.

Currently, Weblogs, depending on subject matter, are pervasive on the Internet. Some are effective others are less so. It behooves the realtor to create a blog that contains value for the professional and consumer so they keep coming back or "stickiness."

Several factors and features make up an effective Weblog. The prospective blogger can do some simple research on the Internet to see the blogs that work and don't work. Generally, look at the Website's design and content. Did the site open promptly? Is it not only informative but also valuable? Did I find information easily?

Again, a mortgage Weblog should be used to enhance and optimize marketing and promotion of mortgage services and to provide the professional and consumer with tools that they can't get elsewhere on other Internet.

The first step is to identify and define your audience. Do you want to attract mortgage professionals and/or consumers? Are you using your Weblog and Website to sell mortgages to other professional lenders in the secondary mortgage market? Are you using your Weblog and Website to sell mortgage loans to consumers? Your audience can be the mortgage professional or consumer or both.

Secondly, what is your objective? To sell mortgages loans to consumers? To sell mortgages to other lenders in the secondary market? Your blog should impart information and education that your audience can use, so they keep coming back to your Weblog and Website. You can do this by *updating your blog regularly *with substantive articles and how-to's. Go beyond informing. Educate you audience. What do you expect your audience to take with them after they leave your Weblog or Website?

Thirdly, what kind of content will your Weblog contain? Your Weblog can contain much the same information as your Website. Besides educated opinions and commentary on general real estate and mortgage issues, your audience can expect to find mortgage news, tips, education, professional articles, legal help, definition of mortgage forms, professional forums, calendar of events, professional and vendor links, careers, and so on, on your mortgage Weblog.

Also, keep graphics to a minimum. Do not use large graphics that take a long time to download. Most users will leave your Weblog if it takes more than a few seconds to open.

Other tips for building successful Weblogs include:

  • Do your own research'verify, verify, verify

  • Take other blogging and commentary with a grain of skepticism

  • Be objective

  • Be consistent with information and education

  • Update information regularly

  • Offer one click RSS/ATOM/XML Feeds

  • Keep articles short and to the point

  • Use aggregators (display disparate sources of news and information from one site)

To separate yourself from the rest of the bloggers, grow your Weblog into a more professional Website. On your Weblog, include professional and consumer testimonials, reviews, and awards. Include articles from reputable sources, and update articles frequently. Archive old articles. Keep apprised of new mortgage rules and regulations. Become a mortgage expert.

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