MND 'Best Execution Rates' include points?

Mortgage News Daily (MND) is a great resource. Do the best ex rates include a point or are these par rates? Also, should I expect adjustments down on my rate for 55% LTV and 806 FICO? Any regional adjustments - I'm in Colorado.

1 Answer

Hey Steven, congrats on finding MND, you're correct, it's an awesome resource for both borrowers and LO's. Best Ex rates typically do not include origination points, BUT are based on best case scenario (high scores, low loan to value), so no improved pricing for you there. They are typically "as good as it gets" AVERAGE rates, but do remember that lenders vary pricing based on pipeline control, profit expectations, etc. I've had my rates be better (and sometimes worse) than the best ex rates posted here. Best way to utilize the "best ex" rates shown on MND is to gauge the day to day direction of rate movement. Shouldn't be any regional adjustment for CO, one less thing to worry about there.