Mislead by company representative?

I had applied for a loan modification in march 2012, we were falling behind on payments. In may, Our single Point of contact said it was denied. He wouldn't tell us why, he just said our "numbers" were close. He couldn't explain anything else and encouraged us to apply for the 3 months FHA modification. I tried to call in several times to make payments and was told not to, that it would affect our chances of a loan modification, and that the payment wouldn't go towards our loan, only late fee's etc...When our FHA loan was denied, I called to discuss this with the single point of contact. He THEN told me it was because we had applied for a loan mod last year in 2011 and we would not qualify for anything else. If he would have told us this after the first 2 months in May we could have tried to catch up, Now we faced foreclosure and in order to save the house I had to claim bankruptcy. By him misleading us the first go around is there anything that could be done to help us out?

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