Look Up What My Mobile Home is Worth

How do I look up what my mobile home is worth?

1 Answer

In order to determine this value you must first identify what you actually have.

Do you have a manufactured home,mobile home or modular home. It sounds like you have either a manufactured or an RV/mobile home. What year was it made? Prior to 76 the value drops off the map as there is no available financing for it outside of creating a note on it and selling the note.

 Is it a single,double or triple wide?

If you have a DMV sticker anywhere in your home, you have a mobile or manufactured home. These items actually DE-preciate versus appreciated as most homes do.

The place to find out the value is to check with the N.A.D.A. or with Kelly blue book. If it does not have a dmv sticker then you have what is considered a bona-fide home and you would need to speak with an appraiser to get a true value for it if Zillow.com is not sufficient to tell you.

This may come as a surprise to some but there are many reasons it is difficult to obtain financing for these homes and this is just another one of those reasons.