i had my loan modified in my name only.

the 2nd partner quit claimed the deed in 2007, 5 months after buying the house.in august, 2012, he asked me to refinance the house and get his name off. i did not qualify for refinancing but i did get a modification. they had a copy of the quitclaim and removed his name. now he is saying i did something illegal. have you ever heard of this?- G from ny.

1 Answer

Sounds to me like he acheived what he wanted (if I am reading your question correctly) in that he is no longer on title or the mortgage. QC deed took care of the title, and SOUNDS LIKE the modification took care of the mortgage. Unless you had an agreement to buy out his share (which you don't mention), or the modification for some reason hit his credit (which you also don't mention), can't see what his beef with you is.