How do find out what is the most realistic current market interest rate ?

Every financial websites from,,, they all display what the market intrest rate w/ big "*" these rates applied are best rates executions.

Even w/ the best possible condition why there is a difference between each web sites. how does a user who does not have time & financial insight to monitor the market and get to know how much i can expect from thelocal lenders when i call them up.

1 Answer

Can't speak for the accuracy and methodology on Bankrate and Zillow, but would say that rate estimates can be based on a wide variety of data. Freddie Mac, for instance, reports rates weekly based on a survey of lenders that is several days to a week old. If you've been following rates here, you know they move daily, and often during the day as well. A weekly rate survey is outdated well before it's even released. MND uses a comprehensive survey of actual daily lender rate sheets to compile its "best execution" rates, and you'll find it much more accurate than the other sources you cited. As far as the pricing to expect on your individual loan, you need to go over your scenario with a lender (glad to help if you need one), as there are pricing adjustments for multiple items on every loan. "Best case" typically means the owner occupied purchase of a single family residence for a borrower with 740+ scores and 20%+ down. Hope this helps! Ted