Getting a Job After Passing State Real Estate Exam

Once I pass the state exam for realtor's, What is the next step for getting a job?

1 Answer

What I did was call some of the brokers who had ads looking for new agents. *****Most Real Estate Brokerages are always hiring. It costs them very little to bring on a new agent. New agents work for free anyway. Many broker/owners will talk with you on the phone. Its really easy to find a job because they don't pay you until you sell something.

These broker/owners will hire you, then its up to you to sell some real estate. Most will not help you much. You are required to pay for all your promotional and advertising expenses. The broker/owner may help you a bit with your training but you are pretty much on your own.

Usually it starts with getting listings. This can start with a friend and/or relative who wants to sell their house. I would advise rehearsing a really effective listing presentation. Once you get a few listings make really good photos and work them into your presentation.