Get a Copy of Mortgage Statement by Internet

How can I get a copy statment of my morage by internet?

1 Answer

Depending on your state and county/local recording practices, you may be able to view and print your mortgage from the local registry of deeds website. Remember that your "mortgage" is different from your "note" - the mortgage is the document that identifies how much money was borrowed and that the holder has a right to the property if you do not pay according to the note . . .the note is the document that contains rates and repayment information - in my area, the mortgage is public and the note is not (but in some areas it may be).

Begin by searching by way of your favorite search engine for "__________ county  . . .or ___________ town  . . . or __________ state registry of deeds". If your county/local registry is available online, it should pop up. Some counties will charge a fee or require a membership to search - others are free. Look for a "Search public records" section/button/tab of the registry website, or call the registry (the phone number should be listed) to ask for instructions as to how to research online in your county.

If the county records are not indexed online, you may need to either call the registry to have your mortgage sent to you or visit the registry in person to do the research.

Additionally, you may be able to obtain these documents from the attorney or title service that handled your closing, or from your mortgage servicer. In some cases, your loan officer may also be able to obtain them. Search similarly online for these companies in order to inquire.