Finding Real Estate Investors

How does someone new to house flipping find investors?

1 Answer

The key to successful property locating is to find properties that actually do have real investment potential. Most people who are new to the business of finding properties tend to think that every property on the market is a good deal.

The key to success is to be able to provide a quality deal to the investor buyers who are serious and have the funding to close quickly. These type buyers don't mind if you are new to the business, but they want quality information.

Finding buyers is the easy part. They advertise in real estate classifieds under wanted to buy, they are members of REI clubs, and they advertise on "we buy houses" signs and so forth. They are out actively searching for opportunities. All you really have to do is be proactive about your search.

I personally use a combination of websites that capture name and email information, then I email good property leads to my buyers list. I have sold a number of properties this way and this continues to be an integral part of my business model. But the key is to be providing good information. If a buyer decides that your information is of poor quality and you are sending out leads that are not good deals, the buyers will stop paying attention to you.