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How can I find some good real estate investment courses?

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With the real estate market becoming so hot in recent years, more and more people are interested in investing in real estate. After all, real estate is one investment will always be in demand, as it caters to one commodity that we only have limited supply of: land. Savvy investors, and those looking to become financially independent, are now looking-perhaps more than ever-at real estate as a means for a solid investment. It's a lucrative opportunity and one that's relatively easy for anyone to do. The problem for many, however, is how and where to start. That's where real estate investment courses come in.

Many people are asking, "Where can I find some good real estate investment courses?" and the answer depends entirely on what kind of course you're looking for. Free real estate investment courses (or "get rich quick" schemes) are a dime a dozen and can be found on a myriad of online web sites. Some are reputable, many are not. And with the advances in internet and web site technology it's often tough to discern the difference.

The answer may be, then, to start at a local or online bookstore that features reviews of real estate investment courses in book, audiobook or e-book form. This is not to say that an author is reputable just because he or she has been published, but rather allows you to learn from the experiences and opinions from other readers who have tried the program and who write in to the site to post their objective advice.

Other programs claim to provide " insider real estate investing secrets" or " free foreclosure seminars." Again, these may in fact be reputable; there are so many programs available that it would be difficult in one short article to provide detailed information on each one. But, it's still true that online bookstores, or web sites (such as, will oftentimes provide you with enough "real world" opinions and advice about each course to help you decipher which is the right program for you.

Perhaps the best way to take your own real estate investment course is to sit down with a real estate broker in your area. He or she should be able to explain your current housing market and discuss with you your goals for real estate investment-whether it's renting properties or fixing up homes and then "flipping" them for a profit. They should also be able to let you know whether there's a viable foreclosure market in your area and whether or not it's right for you (foreclosure properties, for instance, are often best decisions for cash-only buyers). Lastly, a real estate professional should also be able to discuss financing options, such as the "zero down" quick-cash real estate investment options that so many of us hear about when reading ads for courses.

The bottom line is that sometimes, the best "free real estate investment course" is often the one that you design yourself, with step-by-step, market-relevant guidance from a professional.