FDIC Bank Watch List and Ratings

Where can I find the FDIC Bank Watch List?

2 Answers

The FDIC does not publish their list of banks or thrift institutions on their ailing list, otherwise known as the FDIC Bank Watchlist. However, private companies do publish ratings on banks. The FDIC has compiled a list of these private ratings services.

The FDIC does explicitly state that this list of private ratings firms is in no way an endorsement by the FDIC. Basically, there is no guarantee these private firms data about banks reflects the FDIC data, but it's probably a pretty safe bet that they're close.

These private firms include:

  • A.M. Best Company

  • Bankrate Inc.

  • BauerFinancial, Inc.

  • Creative Investment Research, Inc.

  • FIS - Financial Information Systems, LLC

  • Highline Data LLC

  • IDC Financial Publishing

  • Institutional Risk Analytics

  • LACE Financial Corp.

  • Veribanc

  • Weiss Ratings Inc.

It is also important to not that most of these firms charge fees for this information.
Bankrate does offer some information for free.

For a complete list of these companies, including contact information and website information, please visit the FDIC page.

It is very difficult to pin down on the list of "at risk" banks.  The FDIC probably has its list of banks they that will generate bank runs if they were ever to publish that list.  Many people have claimed that list to include as many as 2000+ banks, roughly 25% of the total number of banks insured by the FDIC.

I have recently seen a list that looks pretty promising, published by http://www.moneyeconomics.com.  They claim that there were 171 banks ranked very poor according to their scoring algorithm.  They further claim that there are 940 banks total at risk, which is quite a bit lower than the other claims of 2000+ banks.