Family Pictures When Selling a Home

Do tastefully placed family pictures help or hinder when you are trying to sell your home? We have one wall (in a hallway) of pictures of our grandchildren which everyone comments on but that is not what we want noticed.

1 Answer

What a great question!  You are right in that it's a great conversation piece but it does detract from the buyer/s viewing the rest of the home. While you are having a conversation with the buyers about your grandchildren they are not focused on other areas of your home.

Remove the clutter, put items in your home that show off the room size, the room features and keep everything as nuetral as possible. It's a big leap for the buyer to look at a home and look at it as they would be placing their personal items in it. Leave them room to do so. Buyers also have difficulty "seeing the potential". So make whatever repairs need to be made and remember that kitchens and baths are the biggest contributors to sales price.

Best of luck to you!.