Deed of Absolute Sale

Resently I bought a house with a rental unit attached, We paid in full. The DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE is in process to be recorded, but the seller is still insisting to collect the rent of the rental unit, because the DEED OF ABSOLUTE SALE hes not been processed. Question: Whom is entittle to the rent?

1 Answer

When did you take possession? Did you have an Attorney? Did you sign to transfer Title? The recordings of Deeds usually is up to 3 months.

I suggest call an Attorney.

If you signed all the required documents, passed over the funds and took possession, you have an issue at hand.

Just because neither of you have the recorded Deed yet in hand, does not mean he is entitled to a dime. I don't know all the details, but it sounds like he is swimming for a fish to fall in his lap.

Do yourself a favor, call a local Realtor to gain more advice after you fill them in completely. They can direct you in the right way and to whom you should talk too.