Cost to Transfer Ownership of a House

How much does it cost to transfer ownership of a house?

2 Answers

Recording a new owner is done at county court houses across the US and is not costly. Check with your local government to find out how many pages typically are required **** to transfer ownership **and cost per page.

A bigger issue, take great care before transferring ownership. Did you know you can actually transfer ownership of a home but still be obligated on the financial instrument usually known as a mortgage or deed of trust?

During an economic crisis, homeowners are stressed which makes it easier to be taken advantage of. So take care to protect your future.

Read more about selling your house safely because it is possible to sell your house and remain legally obligated on the mortgage.

The cost to transfer ownership is quite inexpensive.  Less than $50 in most areas.  Make certain however that any document is recorded at your count clerk and recorder's office right away.  And make sure you do a title search prior to a transfer of title to see if there are any liens or encumbrences that should not be there. To reitterate what was already stated was you can still be financially obligated despite the transfer of ownership via title.  Deed of Trust or Trust Indenture is what 95% of American's have as a recorded instrument on their home.  A mortgage is rarely used because it is for loans enbumbering more than 40 acres of land.