Cost to Move a Mobile Home

How much does it cost to move a mobile home, including taking down and setup utilities?

2 Answers

It depends on several things:

  1. Are you moving to a place with water and sewer services?

  2. Do you have to take down power lines?

  3. Will you need financing after relocation?

  4. Do you have a long term commitment on the new location (lot or mobile home park)?

  5. What are the local zoning laws requiring of you?

  6. Will you have to remove the wheels, and create a foundation?

  7. Is this home a double wide?

In my market (I am a loan originator) it costs from $6,000 to $20, 000 depending on how many of the questions apply to your case. Many communities are now zoning out mobile homes. You may want to look at the local ordinances to see if mobile homes are permitted under the land use plan.

You must first go to the county and get permission to move the mobile home. The county will charge a fee for going to inspect and approve of the move. If you are going to a different county to place the home there, you must get their permission to do so prior to the move also. Also, you will need an inspection after the move to obtain the C.O. (certificate of occupancy) so you can get the utility companies to hook up to the home.

The costs involved for the physical take down, move, and set up can best be obtained from the companies you negotiate the possibility of doing the move with. You are going to want to be within code for the county where it will be placed, however, I would suggest being BETTER than code, because of the fragility of the box, you don't want to be walking inside the home and have the floor making noises, or the doors not closing correctly.

We moved one because it was paid for and did not want to start all over again with monthly payments, but frankly, there are many instances where it is not the best financial decision to move the ol' box. in some instances, you can use it for a down payment on the new one, and then the costs of the project are all wrapped into the final negotiated cost of the new unit.

Think it through and get the prices from everyone prior to going ahead with the project.