Commercial REO Property Listings

I'm looking for commercial building REO such as 50 units or office buildings. Ddo you have any info on how I can get to those properties?

2 Answers

Start here: (Major Lender REO links) this should give you considerable coverage and state specific assistance.

Or you can use the phrase 'commercial REOs' in any search engine. has a commercial lender directory which you may find useful as well, simply contact each lender to ask about their REO department.

You can also contact real estate brokers who focus on commercial properties such as those at  or , network with fellow investors.  A tip from a broker as regards easier access that I found interesting was to become a stock holder in those banks which are public. You can request access to considerably more data free of charge such as their REO lists because technically speaking, you are a company owner if you are a share holder.

Also, if you are an active investor with a good working relationship with a title company, your title rep. should be able to get free or low cost access to property data such as notices of default for various property types. If you do not have this type of relationship with a title company, any reputable brokers you work with should and you may be able to get this information through them. Other Free, Public or at cost info. can be had at

This is a great site I found: Link Text