Chase and Loan Modification

Chase has sent my final Loan Mod papers which needed to be Notarized, back to me 6 yes 6 times. At first they said there was no stamp, when I told them I didn't trust them and made copies before I sent them, THEN the excuse changed to, the stamps are in the wrong place. Finally, they said they could not make copies of the stamped pages. Are you kidding? They have the originals, should be good enough, you'd think! This is after going thru the "process." Working with Neighborworks of Vermont, we worked 3 months, sending everything asked. Then, on my advisors day off, Chase asked for a paper to be signed and faxed back to them. All this page had was our Social Sec. #, like they didn't have these on 20 other docs. We sent them the next day before noon and Chase said we were too late, you have to start over!! This is the "good faith" Chase deals you, but they keep getting away with it. Any help, a lawyer? Thanks.

3 Answers

Think I'd be relying on Neighborworks to help resolve this, rather than attempting to restart the whole process elsewhere.

It may seem terribly tedious but such a difficult challenge of working to secure a modification of your loan with Chase requires you record any conversations you have and write down with whom. You can preface your recording everytime by letting them know you are going to record so you can keep track of your process and progress. You always have a method to track every mailing to them...that it was received. Always ask for a manager when you are getting ignored, things are being misplaced, etc. Working with Neighborhoods seems to be aiding you in this process, but many people have had better success when they have carefully tracked everything. Best wishes to you in finally getting your modification.

HIRE AN ATTORNEY- the new reg X rules have some teeth, because unfortunately, your example is the rule, rather than the exception. I would suggest looking for an attorney with some experience in this area- here is a good place to start: