Can I streamline EMC mortgage, $440,000, 9 years after completing Chapter 13 (not 7).Score 735

I have an awful Mortgage for $440,000 with EMC that occurred when I entered a CHapter 13 in 2002, and I successfully completed it in 2007, paying back everything. I kept my house, etc. My credit score is now 735, and I have credit cards, accounts, etc. Chase now owns EMC, and my house appraised in 2009 for 1.2 million, but the Appraiser that came this summer left out entire buildings on our property rendering the Appraisal worthless. It came in low so Chase said they would streamline the loan. They just told me they can't because Fannie Mae does not own it, and because I had a bankruptcy in the past. This does not make any sense based on how long I have been out of the Chapter 13, when I know I only have to be out of it for 2 years to qualify for a regular Chase mortgage.

I am a very low credit risk, with a high income and assets. Cannot figure out why I am getting such a run around. I paid back all of my debts. It was not a Chapter 7 and is not even on my credit report anymore. Any advice?

1 Answer

Your time has lapsed, and with your good credit scores, you should have no trouble getting a refinance as long as your income is there and you have some equity in the home.