BOA lost my mortgage and is threating not to send IRS 1098 unless I re-sign original Docs. Legal?

BOA (FHA)1st mortgage. Bank never recorded original Mortgage and filed "Affidavit of Lost Mortgage" three years into loan. They are pressuring us to re-sign original mortgage Docs that they lost. Now Bank is claiming they will not send IRS1098..."We will be unable to issue your annual mortgage interest statement (IRS FORM 1098) for 2012 tax year and future years. We're unable to report interest paid on loans that are not properly recorded. This could affect your ability to claim a mortgage interest deduction on your annual income taxes and may result in higher tax liability." Is this legal? Is this Ethical? Who should I voice my complaint to?

1 Answer

When you were dealing with it haven’t you kept any of the documents along with you as a proof or blindly have faith in them. The only way out from such drastic situation is too get any sort of document that proves mortgage record. Anything, as you might have received any receipt from them as starting with your mortgage loan or any document that would help you to prove your mortgage loan. Without document it would be difficult and dealing with legit company as Payday Loans would have never let you down and have kept far away from such mishaps.