Baseboard Heater Noises

I have base board heat. It is making loud clanging noises. It comes and goes. Sometimes only one big clunk. What is this?

1 Answer

Typically, this comes from air being in the line. If there is not a pressure / expansion tank by the boiler, then you may want to have one installed. As the water is heated, the water expands and is absorbed by the tank.

You may also bleed the supply lines at each radiator. Sometimes air gets in the lines and needs to be removed. There should be a bleeder valve at each radiator. Open it until water comes out. Start with the first in line from the boiler to the next in line until they have all been bled. You may need to do this a couple of times.

If this doesn't take care of your problem, then you should remember the following:

Your radiators are copper, metal or cast iron. As the heated water goes through the syetem, the radiators expands and makes a creaking noise. It will do the same as it cools down. This is normal and for this there is no remedy.