Are online Mortgage Broker Schools rated anywhere?

I would like to get licensed as a mortgage broker but I can't decide from all the online courses available. Since most people only use one school to get licensed (I assume) comparing May not be feasible. However, customer satisfaction and/pass rates should be available somewhere. Does anyone know of an independent site that ranks schools?

1 Answer

I don't know of any site, but perhaps someone else might. My advice would be to first interview area mortgage brokers to find out where you might want to be employed (and who is hiring in this challenging lending environment) and once that's decided, ask them where they do their training. I am assuming when you say you want to get licensed as a broker you mean as an originator, not as taking on the giant leap of attempting to open your own shop without successful prior origination experience. It's a tough regulatory lending world these days, and it would be foolish to assume you can pass your licensing test and immediately start a successful brokerage.