Adding a Relative to a Deed as a Joint Owner

Can I add a relative to the Deed as a joint owner?

1 Answer

The answer is yes.

In California, where I am a licensed Real Estate agent it is as simple and I always suggest the designated home owner working with a reliable escrow office.  You do not need a real estate agent for this process.

The escrow officer will add/remove persons or entities to/from a deed.  The escrow office will have this document recognized by your county recorder. Of course there is a **fee **and it is usually less than $100 and in most cases less than $50. As the owner of the property, you will have to supply proper identification as well as the intended party being added to your deed.

The addition of a party to a deed can be both good and bad.

  • In the case of death of 1 of the 2 parties, the other party simply owns the property and becomes fully liable for its payments, maintenance, insurance and taxes.  In the case of death, the property is also opened up to liens by creditors should the dead party have had any financial liabilities, etc...

  • Removing a party from title requires both/all parties obligations. Divorce, partnership split, etc...

These are just a few top of mind, however, there are many other concerns and liabilities that arise. 

Although your process may differ a little in your state, i.e. an attorney may have to be involved, the process of adding a party is quite simple.