80% LTV Refinance Cash Out Loans

Do you know of any banks making 80% LTV refinance mortgages with cash out? Most of the Internet mortgage companies will only go to 75%.

Thanks, Mike

Mike, it is very important to know what state you live in since lenders can limit LTV restrictions by state. Unfortunately we need a little more information.

- Darrin G. - Apr 3, 2013 at 1:53PM
3 Answers

Hi Mike,

The limit is actually 85% for FHA and Conventional (Fannie Mae). Although with Fannie Mae, you'll have to take into consideration having possible mortgage insurance as the Loan To Value would be over 80%. This does assume the property is an Owner Occupied Property as Investment Properties due tend to max out at 75%. I do have the option to go to 80% for a Single Family Investment Property though!

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Pricing is better on cash out refinances at 75% loan to value compared with 80%, but if you need that last 5%, can certainly do an 80% cash out. If you're still looking for options, I lend in all states.


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Cash out limits depend on your loan amount, credit score and property type. 80 LTV is typically the max. Call me for an analysis - Bryan Horn

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