Hi, I was just at the last few days of a 60 day escrow when I advised that there was a lien on the property and the sale fell through. However, it was not before the Inspection was completed at $500.00 and travel expenses from Washington, DC to Atlanta GA. The cost for 2 airline tickets were $1800.00 and a $80.00 round trip ticket from the Airport to the home for the inspection. I would like to recoup my lost since I believe that a general or "TBA" title search should have been conducted prior to listing the property. I am out of the 2 months that i could never recover the time and the total amount of $2380.00.

The realtor has only offered $2000 but i am exasperated that I have to begin the process all over again plus be out of $380.00. Now the Realtor LLC will not return my calls and says that I will need to speak to her lawyer husband who is not a licensed realtor! What action should we take?

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I agree that the lien should have discovered and addressed far earlier in the process, although it's hard to say it should have happened before the home inspection. The exact amount of your damages is something I would either discuss with a small claims court judge or the Realtor's broker. I doubt you are going to recoup anything for lost time/effort though, without suing in civil court and hoping they settle the suit to avoid trial. Hard to say exactly who is at fault: Realtor? title company? lender?