Wyoming's Mortgage Broker laws are under the jurisdiction of the Wyoming Department of Audit, Division of Banking.

All Wyoming mortgage licenses are handled through the National Mortgage Licensing System. Prelicensing requirements include approved courses that are 20 or more hours and contain 3 hours of Federal Law, 3 hours of Ethics, 2 hours of Non-traditional Mortgage Lending plus 12 or more hours of electives. A minimum of eight hours per year of continuing education is required per year, per the SAFE act.

The fee for the Wyoming license fee is $150 and includes the NMLS license processing fee.  The NMLS testing fee is $161, and includes the $92 national portion, and the $69 state portion.

The new law defines a Wyoming Mortgage Broker as anyone accepting or offering to accept applications for making residential mortgage loans. In Wyoming, residential real estate means a one to four family dwelling. A key point of the Wyoming law is that it covers anyone providing services to Wyoming residents, whether in person or over the internet. Find full details of the Wyoming mortgage broker law.

Briefly, exemptions from needing a mortgage license in Wyoming are banks, attorneys, home owners acting for themselves, or employees of mortgage brokers. Full details of those exempted are contained in the mortgage broker law.

Mortgage Broker Applicants need to provide a Surety Bond in the amount of $25,000, plus $10,000 more for each licensed office, issued by a surety authorized to do business in Wyoming. Also, the applicant must not have been convicted of any felony or a misdemeanor connected with real estate transactions.

Although Mortgage Brokers doing business in Wyoming are affiliates of the National Association of Mortgage Brokers (NAMB), the Wyoming group does not maintain a separate web site. The NAMB provides the Code of Ethics that all Mortgage Broker members in Wyoming adhere to. The NAMB is an important resource to have as you become a Mortgage Broker.

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(as of 2/23/2010)

Wyoming Approved Mortgage Schools Prelicensing and Postlicensing Education

Community Colleges

Private Schools
Abacus Mortgage Training
Training Pro
Last Update:  3/1/2010
This list may not include all approved schools. Please visit the Wyoming Department of Audit, Division of Banking website for the latest list of approved mortgage schools.