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The Challenge:
Comments like this: “I love all of the great information and would love to share it, but I’m hesitant to send my clients to a site with competitor ads.” - Chris S.

The Solution:
Thanks to our new lineup of co-branded services, there’s no longer a need to worry about competitor ads. Use co-branded URLs, email, newsletters, widgets, etc. and we will:

  • Remove all competitor ads from the initial page and all pages during the users visit
  • Add your information to each page including logo, name, business info, contact info and a link to your Premium Profile
  • Include your business card on any page that features our local ads, including all rates pages, market data pages, news articles, etc. This covers all consumer-centric areas of our site.
  • Provide your website visitors with links to useful information such as our home page, mortgage rate survey, housing data, news, a specific article, etc. If you are logged in, each page will have a "Link to the Page" link that will automatically embed your co-branded tag in the URL.
  • Add content directly to your site with our news and rate widgets (co-branded URLS are automatically embedded)
  • Email forward any article or page on MND with your information and co-branded URLs embedded automatically.
  • Forward our Daily Newsletter or News Alerts, and your information is embedded along with your co-branded URL.

The only exception to the 'No Competitor Ads' rule are listings inside our Consumer and Vendor Directories. These are directories and we cannot remove listings.

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