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The Challenge: Present our users with personalized email solutions, allowing them to forward the Daily Newsletter, News Alerts or any article / story to prospective clients with your business information embedded.

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A Personalized Daily Newsletter: Each day you will receive a copy of our Daily Newsletter personalized with your business information. Forward the newsletter and we’ll include your co-branded links, ensuring users that visit MND by clicking links in your newsletter will see your co-branded information and NO COMPETITOR ADS.

Page / Article Forwards: Forward any article from MND and you'll have the option of personalizing the email with your business information. When the recipient clicks any link in the email, they will be directed to MND via your co-branded url, seeing your co-branding on all pages, and NO COMPETITOR ADS.

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  • Forward our Daily Newsletter personalized with your business information embedded
  • Forward our Daily Newsletter with your co-branded links embedded.
  • Forward any article from MND, personalized with your info and your co-branded links embedded.
  • Timely and information for your clients
  • Contact information includes - Logo, Name, Website Address, Email, Phone, Social Links, etc.
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