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The New Hampshire pilot program is a cooperative effort initiated by the State Government and three non-profit organizations, Greater Manchester NeighborWorks, CATCH in Concord, AHEAD based in Littleton and American Alliance of Home Modification Professionals (AAHMP, Inc). The cooperative effort is intended to assist troubled homeowners that may qualify for a loan modification under MHA with the overriding goal to stabilize real estate values in New Hampshire. This grass root effort is being assisted by most of the New Hampshire Congressional Delegation who are working on the federal level to gain required support from Treasury, GSE’s and the servicing community. All parties involved will play a part in the pilot to help as many homeowners as possible. The State government will help inform and educate the citizen of New Hampshire about the program and the attempt to save their home if possible. The pilot program is designed to utilize HUD Counselors to originate the file than use the services of AAHMP to provide technology, training, processing and underwriting support to decision a modification. The final modification will be signed by an AAHMP Member Company HUD- Direct Endorsed Underwriter (HUD-DE) verifying all MHA guidelines are met. New Hampshire non-profit organizations will be completing the front-end operation and is the lead in connectivity to the homeowner. AAHMP’s program for accurate modifications is based on the general concept that our members will complete the process of underwriting the final agreement in accordance with MHA guidelines (back-end). A complete package will be submitted for approval to the servicer. This process will be completed with in 14 days of receiving all the required documentation from the homeowner greatly reducing the burden on the servicer. The program is designed to greatly reduce the resources required by the servicer to complete a modification. Due to the overwhelming volume of applicant, the New Hampshire pilot partnership with the New Hampshire non-profit organizations’ and AAHMP’s program will streamline the process. The HUD counselors have achieved the connectivity with the homeowner in the front end and AAHMP has provided industry professional, HUD DE to underwrite according to MHA. This pilot program has eliminated two of the major challenges facing the servicing community today; connectivity and additional manpower to complete modification to MHA.
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Steve Gillan is Executive Director of AAHMP, American Alliance of Home Modifications Professionals. AAHMP is a trade group that was formed and has been lobbying in Washington DC to try and effect legislation that would impact the government efforts to stabilize real estate values by stopping foreclosures when possible with the use of TARP funds. Our goal has been to allow all parties participating in the MHA program the ability to contract with AAHMP members to complete modification from start to finished which includes in house underwriting based on MHA guidelines. Funding for these contracts would come from TARP funds therefore there would be no cost to the homeowner. AAHMP founding members have already committed over ¼ million dollars into this effort. AAHMP is opening its application process for membership. We must be very clear; membership in AAHMP will be selective. Requirements for membership include criminal background check on principals and all employees of the company to elevate the standards and ethical integrity of our industry. Please visit our web site at for details on Associate Membership. .
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