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Bob Hill
Sales Manager,  Creative Mortgage Solutions
108 W. Ridgeville Blvd #201
Mt. Airy,  Maryland  21771
About Me
After graduating from college in 1992, I spent 6 years as a ski bum working for a ski resort in Colorado. Certainly not what my parents expected me to do with my college degree but it was probably the best decision I ever made. As I approached the 30 year mark in my life, I knew I had to start getting serious about life in general. A friend of mine back in Maryland opened up his own mortgage brokerage in 1998 and I took a chance at the business. I instantly loved it and never looked back. After being a loan officer for a year, I was offered a short term contract to work as a financial advisor for the Small Business Administration's loan sale program. The offer was too good to pass so I ended up spending the next 2 years reviewing commercial loans and worked on 4 SBA loan sales totalling over $4 billion in distressed assets being sold to to investors. After the SBA loans sales ended, I worked for various financial firms as a lead underwriter for secondary market residential loan sales. This position required extensive travelling so when my wife got pregnant with our second set of twins (yes, 2 sets of twins!), I had to stay in the Maryland DC area. I accepted a short term contract with the Dept. of Housing and Urban Development to assist with multi-million dollar debt restructuring for distressed multi-family HUD housing complexes. This was a very challenging and rewarding assignment. At the end of the contract, HUD offered me full time employement in 2004. This was a serious crossroad decision for me. I just couldn't see myself being a full time Gov't employee. I had always stayed in touch with my friend with the mortgage company and we discussed me coming back as a partner and sales manager. I decided this would be better than being a Gov't stiff so I took a chance at growing his business. It turned out to be another great decision. I started a successful direct mail campaign and was able to double the business within 16 months. The company was able to add staff, loan officers, and even become a mortgage banker instead of just being a broker. Originating loans and managing Loan Officers is the most rewarding job I've ever had. I love the mortgage industry and I hope this is the last job I ever have to work.
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