Commercial real estate in New Jersey is any property that has less than five residential dwelling units on it. It includes property that is used for commercial, industrial, medical, educational, agricultural, multi-family dwelling and other ventures. With such a broad definition, the state boasts a diverse commercial real estate industry. Indeed, much of the real estate within New Jersey's 7,417 square miles, is commercial real estate, despite the state's high population density.

What is really hot right now in New Jersey commercial real estate is space for retail. With over 453 people per square mile, there is a lot of shopping going on. The trend is for higher end lifestyle retail centers that draw upscale consumers and their dollars. These retail centers dot the landscape from northern New Jersey down to southern New Jersey, and if a vacancy in one of these centers becomes available, it doesn't stay that way for long.

Another hot spot for commercial real estate property in New Jersey is around sports arenas. Shops, restaurants, offices, and even condos are increasing in number around sports arenas and rejuvenating the commercial real estate markets in these formerly blighted areas of the urban landscape.

Residential commercial real estate properties are also doing very well in many areas of New Jersey. With the residential housing market at a stall and interest rates slowly creeping up after their record lows over the past few years, more people are opting to stay in rental situations. As interest rates continue to go up, this trend will probably continue.

While the retail and residential commercial real estate markets are doing very well in New Jersey, the industrial market is not doing as well. New Jersey used to be the home of many large companies that had built industrial campuses in the state. When many of these companies either left the state or went out of business, these campuses were left empty. Slowly these campuses and other large industrial sites have found occupants, many of them by pharmaceutical companies, but there are still many to be occupied. The good news there is that because there are many still to be occupied, those looking for industrial commercial real estate have some choices and some bargaining power when it comes to the bottom line.

The commercial real estate market in New Jersey is one of the largest in the United States. Those with a need for retail commercial real estate have many thriving, established retail centers from which to choose. Those looking for industrial commercial real estate have their choice of several prime locations that are ready for occupancy. Since the population of New Jersey shows no signs of receding, New Jersey is a good choice for ventures in residential real estate, too.