In Nebraska the definition of commercial real estate is the same as it is in most of the United States-any property that is not a dwelling or a property with less than five residential units is considered commercial real estate. It can be used for commercial, industrial, medical, educational, multiple unit residential purposes, farming, mining, or other ventures.

Those looking at investing in Nebraska commercial real estate will be interested to know that Nebraska ranked seventh in's Best States for Business-not too bad for a state that is known mainly for its agriculture. The cost of running a business in Nebraska is relatively low compared to many of the other states in the U.S., and that helps businesses achieve a better bottom line in the profit area.

Nebraska has large manufacturing, telecommunications, insurance, information technology, and freight transportation industries, and these highly profitable businesses use the bulk of Nebraska's commercial real estate with their offices, plants, warehouses, call centers, and transport hubs.

The major cities of Omaha and Lincoln are where the business commercial real estate properties are hottest. The purchase, rent, or lease price for commercial real estate in the area of these two cities are the highest in the state, but much of the population of the state is concentrated around these cities.

For businesses or investors looking for a better bargain when it comes to commercial real estate, looking outside of the major cities is the way to go. There is plenty of previously agricultural, now commercial real estate available throughout Nebraska with low purchase prices or rent.

Much of the retail and commercial spaces in the state's smaller towns are very nice, well-kept up buildings and properties. The cost to rent or purchase these properties can be half what they would cost in the major cities. If there is no need to be located in close proximity to a major city, commercial real estate in other areas of Nebraska are a great deal.

In addition to real estate for businesses, Nebraska has a lot of commercial real estate available for what the state is known best for-agriculture. Farming and ranching thrives in Nebraska. This leading farming state produces much of the country's beef, pork, soybeans and corn on its valuable agricultural land, however, as the agriculture industry becomes highly consolidated, more and more agricultural land is being converted to other commercial uses.

Visit the Nebraska Department of Economic Development, The Nebraska CCIM Chapter and the Nebraska Real Estate Commission for further information.