In Montana, any property that is not a dwelling or property with less than five residential units is considered commercial real estate. Property used for commercial, industrial, medical, educational or multiple unit residential purposes is classified as commercial in this large state, and there is plenty of it located in Montana's 145,552 square miles. In 2006, it was reported that Montana's commercial real estate market was in the midst of experiencing significant growth.

Those looking for commercial real estate in Montana have their choice of rental/properties or purchasing the real estate outright. Not all properties offer the option of doing either. However, there are enough properties to choose from that whether your need is to rent or purchase, you will be able to find what you are looking for in the location you need.

Around the state's largest cities, Billings, Great Falls, Bozeman, Missoula, and the state capital, Helena, there is a traditional commercial real estate market. Industrial commercial real estate that can be used for warehouses, manufacturing plants, long term storage facilities, and large office spaces are available. There are also open tracks of land that are zoned commercial for custom industrial buildings to be built. There are also commercial buildings available for office space that house smaller businesses such as banks, legal offices, technology firms, medical facilities, and real estate agencies.

Another growing area in the Montana commercial real estate market is the hospitality and resort industry. Montana is bountiful in both beautiful open and mountain country, and these spaces are being used for ventures such as restaurants, mountain resorts, working ranches where families can vacation, and shopping centers where the people who come to these places spend their time shopping. As the population of Montana continues to lean towards a career/family and retiring baby boomer demographic, the hospitality and resort industries will continue to grow.

In addition to the traditional properties and the hospitality resort real estate properties, Montana also has an abundance of the commercial real estate that is typically found in open Midwest states-agriculture, mining and milling. Farming is still big business in Montana, and there is plenty of commercial real estate with good, fertile soil. The state is rich is natural mineral deposits and in lumber, and real estate is available for those looking in these areas.

Many areas of Montana are seeing a high rate of growth in their population. Builders are having trouble keeping up with the demands of housing. As these areas become more populated, the need for more commercial ventures, and thus the need for more commercial real estate, will develop.