Mar 25, 2013 1:05PM

Study Suggests Mortgage Market Insiders Just as Oblivious to Housing Crash as Rest of Wall Street

Were mid-level managers who essentially ran mortgage securitization during the housing boom aware of the systemic risks occurring in subprime portion of that market? Three researchers have looked at the home-buying behavior of a group of these analysts and determined that, whatever the level of their awareness, they typically did not expect those risks to lead to problems in the wider housing market. Ing-Haw Cheng and Sahil Raina of the Ross School of Business, University of Michigan and Wei Xiong...

Mar 25, 2013 3:38PM

Mortgage Rates Flat To Slightly Lower To Begin Shortened Week

Mortgage rates were, once again, unchanged in many cases today, though some lenders were slightly lower in cost than Friday's latest offerings. Trading levels in MBS (the mortgage-backed-securities that most directly influence rates) started the day off in territory that would have been consistent with higher rates, but improved fairly quickly as bond markets shrugged off news that Cyprus had reached a bailout agreement with the EU. Best-Execution for 30yr Fixed, Conventional loans is 3.625% to 3...

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11:37 AM:

Eurogroup Pres Says Cyprus Deal Should Be Seen As Template

11:07 AM:

Italy Paves The Way For US Bond Market Improvement

9:19 AM:

Bond Markets Bounce As Italy Picks Up Where Cyprus Left Off

8:24 PM:

Treasuries Weaker After Tentative Cyprus Bailout News

2:18 PM:

Holding Up Nicely Post-EU Close. Reprice Risk Shifts Positively

10:14 AM:

Negative Reprice Risk Rising For Ealy Lenders Following Euro Headlines

9:25 AM:

MBS Bounce Back Slightly From Yesterday's Underperformance

12:34 PM:

Bouncing Back On Dueling Headlines, Crowds Forming Outside Cypriot Banks

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