Mar 19, 2013 2:54PM

DeMarco: Should Government Set Standards, Backstop the Market, or Continue to Issue Guarantees?

Edward J. DeMarco , Acting Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) told lawmakers on Tuesday that the role of housing finance reform should be to promote the efficient provision of credit to finance mortgages for single-family and multifamily housing. Speaking at a hearing of the House Committee on Financial Services DeMarco said that an efficient market system for providing mortgage credit to homebuyers should have certain core characteristics : allowing innovation, providing consumer...

Mar 19, 2013 12:21PM

Establishing a New Fannie Mae in Texas? How Gfees are a Tax on Borrowers; Thoughts on Cutting Weak Producers

The combination of marketing, brand placement, and design graphics is a real art: when it works, great, but when it doesn't , well... Economists study long and hard to learn certain rules , like: "If you're going to give a number, don't give a date. If you're going to give a date, don't give a number. And if you do get it right, don't look surprised." Besides the handful of "I told you so" folks, in 2005 were large numbers of economists or analysts predicting the decline in property values we'd seen...

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4:17 PM:

Positive Reprice Prospects Dimming As Prices Languish Late

3:28 PM:

Bond Market Gains Holding Ground Amid Volatility

10:50 AM:

Bond Market Hit Best Levels On Cyprus Exit Rumors

9:25 AM:

Holding Modest Gains, Waiting For Cyprus To Vote

8:38 AM:

ECON: Housing Starts Slightly Higher Than Expected

10:05 AM:

ECON: NAHB Housing Market Index Lower Than Expected

9:28 AM:

Vying for Technical Victory After Wild Overnight Trading

2:45 PM:

MBS Stretch To Higher Highs, Reprice Potential Persists

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Today's Comments

Jana Holmstrup

"Wonder if these Senators and AGs would be as demanding if we asked THEIR states to pay for the principal reductions."


"If there woud be more of a push for loan modifications with principal writedowns for those that have jobs and want to stay in their homes we would be in..."

Steven Browne

"Thanks Jann, this is directly related to our business. ( the trickle effect) We are talking to investors concerned with shrinking inventory as the spree..."

Today's Q&A

"Anybody know if Wells Fargo has a penalty for breaking a lock on a new purchase of a house?"

"Is 3.375% at 2.125 pts on a single family house a good rate?"

"What is needed when you change the ownership of a house?? And where do you go?"